Welcome to the MileIQ Dashboard

The MileIQ Web Dashboard can be found at https://dashboard.mileiq.com. Simply log in using the same email and password as your MileIQ app.

Guided by feedback from customers, we’ve been working extremely hard to create a better dashboard experience for you. Our goal was to make core features easier: fewer clicks, cleaner designs, greater flexibility and better insights. We’ve also taken the opportunity to add some of the functions users have requested the most. (Drive duplication and downloadable reports, anyone?) 

As the home for your complete drive history—and the place where you can realize the full value of those drives—the dashboard is an essential part of the MileIQ experience.

To help you get oriented, following is an overview of each of the main views in the Dashboard:

For a guided video tour, please watch the following overview.


The Drives View

The Drives View is where you review, classify and edit your drives, either individually or in groups for greater efficiency. You can also create reports directly from this view. For a more detailed explanation, please see the Drives View article

This is a stylized image of the MileIQ web dashboard, highlighting its different sections and features.

The Reports View

In the Reports View, you’ll find a powerful Report Builder plus links to your past reports. For more information on how to utilize the Report Builder, please see the Reports View article.

This is a stylized image of the MileIQ web dashboard with the reports tab highlighted and pointing out its sections and features.

We know how important it is for you to create reports, and we've created new ways to do just that. You can now create reports from either the Drives View or the Reports View, and they are always available whenever you need them. For more detailed information on how to create reports, please see How to: Create Reports.

Our customer success team is here to help—please contact us any time and let us know what you need.

Thank you for using MileIQ!

– The MileIQ Team


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