Why does MileIQ need permissions on Android?

We completely understand any concerns about the Android permissions we ask for when setting up your account.

Google places specific permissions into broader groups that may sound like they are broader and more intrusive than what MileIQ actually uses.

Here is a detailed listing of why MileIQ needs specific permissions and the limitations of the information we collect with them:

In-app purchases
Allows for purchase of MileIQ premium services.


Required for push notifications. To limit push notifications in Android, navigate to Settings > Sound & Notifications > App Notifications > MileIQ.


Required to allow MileIQ to determine device location, which is necessary for drive detection.


We sometimes write small amounts of logging information to temporary files in the event of a problem with MileIQ.

We do not ever access your photos or media for any purpose.

Wi-Fi Connection Information

We use network connection information to help determine location and to upload location information to our servers.

Wi-Fi is actually far more efficient on batteries than other location sources like GPS while at the same time providing more data points for calculating location more accurately.

Device ID & Call Information

Required by analytics providers used by MileIQ. We are currently investigating whether we can remove this permission.


Internet and general network access is required to upload and download data from our servers.

We only prevent the phone from sleeping at critical, very short times (i.e. writing data to a file).

We run at startup so we can detect drives after device reboot.

Vibration may be used by push notifications. These can be disabled.

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