What does a MileIQ Report look like?

We're excited to show you how MileIQ makes it a breeze to create your mileage report based on your captured and categorized drives.

We offer not one, but two ways to request your reports: through our user-friendly web dashboard or our handy mobile app.

Let's dive in and explore each option:

Using the Mobile App

If you're on the move, our mobile app has got you covered. When you request reports from here, they'll be sent right to the email address linked to your MileIQ account. Here's what you can expect:

Monthly Reports: These give you a comprehensive overview of all your drives for the month. They include important details like the drive date, purpose, start and end locations, total mileage, and value. Plus, we've got you covered with info on parking, tolls, and the overall value of each drive.

- All Drives in CSV
- All Drives in PDF
- All Business Drives in PDF

Annual Reports: For the bigger picture, we've got annual reports too. When you request these from the mobile app, you'll receive two versions:

- A CSV summary of your year's drives
- A detailed CSV and PDF log of all your year's drives

The summary report breaks down your Business, Commute, and Personal miles, along with other categories like medical, charity, and moving miles. We even give you the lowdown on tolls and parking costs. The detailed log includes drive times, classifications, distances, and values.

Using the Web Dashboard

This is your command center for report requests. Reports generated here can be sent to your email or downloaded directly from the "Reports" tab. It's all about your convenience.

All reports created from the Web Dashboard will generate two versions:

- A PDF report

- A CSV report

US CSV Mobile Summary.png

Both versions contain the same info:

Summary Report: This report breaks down your Business, Commute, and Personal miles, along with extras like medical, charity, and moving miles. We also fill you in on tolls and parking values.

Detailed Log: Right beneath the summary, you'll find the details. We're talking start and end times, classifications, distances, and the all-important values.

A Quick Reminder: Our PDF reports look their best in tools like Adobe Reader, Preview, and popular web browsers (think Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome). For CSV reports, your best buddies are Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets. 

Need More Info?

Our MileIQ Knowledge Base is where it's at. 

Check out our guide on Viewing, Editing & Classifying Drives for the scoop.

Remember, any drives labeled as "-unspecified-" are those drives that don't have a vehicle assigned.

You can easily fix that by following our guide on How to: Search for Drives.

That's it, mileage maestro! With MileIQ, reporting your journeys has never been this friendly. Happy tracking!

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