Top 5 tips for new users

New to MileIQ? Here's some friendly advice to make the most of your app:

1. Customize for Your Ease

- Named Locations: Make your favorite places stand out by giving them unique names. This makes them super easy to spot and classify.
- Custom Purposes: Tired of just "Business" and "Personal"? Create your own labels with the Custom Purpose feature.
- Vehicles: Keep track of each ride's mileage by adding your vehicles and their starting odometer readings.

2. Stay Ahead in Classifying

- Home screen shortcut: Put the MileIQ app right on your home screen. This way, mileage tracking is always on your mind. For more information on how to do so: iPhones | Androids

- Routine Reminder: Add it to your regular routine – whether it's a weekly email reminder or slotting it into your admin tasks. Set a recurring calendar event now! Here are the instructions for the top 3 mail providers: Outlook | Google Calendar

- Moments that Matter: Turn idle moments, like waiting in line or during commercials, into productive classification times. Keep in mind that it can take up to 15 minutes after a drive has ended for it to appear within the app.

- Add Some Fun: Challenge yourself to clear yesterday's drives before your morning coffee's done, or celebrate reaching 100% completion for the month. Please see this article for more information on how to view, classify, and report drives by month in the mobile app.

3. Auto-Magic with Work Hours and Frequent Drives

- Work Hours: Set your work hours so MileIQ automatically labels non-work drives as Personal, giving you more detailed control.
- Frequent Drives: MileIQ's got your back with auto-classifying drives you take often, whether for business, personal, or a specific reason.

4. Unleash the Web Dashboard's Power

- Find specific drives: Find anything you need in your drive history using the search bar.
- Bulk classify: Save time by bulk classifying multiple drives at once.
- Edit drives and add notes: Customize your drives with purpose changes, distance adjustments, vehicle swaps, and notes.
- Custom reports: Create custom reports based on vehicle, location, purpose, and more.

5. Discover More via Emails and Alerts

- Weekly Mileage Summaries: Get a report on your drive value and see the potential of unclassified drives. Plus, enjoy helpful articles and updates.
- Drive Detection Alerts: If drives aren't coming through, we'll alert you and guide you to fix the issue.
- Product News: Be in the loop about new features and how to use them, making your MileIQ experience even better.

Remember, MileIQ is here to make your mileage tracking journey smooth and even enjoyable!

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