How to create a Report

MileIQ makes keeping track of your driving expenses a breeze, ensuring you're all set when it comes to taxes.

These reports provide all the details you need, including dates, destinations, and distances for each of your categorized drives.

And the best part? You can generate these reports effortlessly using either the MileIQ app or the MileIQ Web Dashboard.

Let's explore how you can create a report using the MileIQ app:

1. Open the MileIQ app and make sure you've categorized the drives you want in your report (check out our guide on How to classify Drives for more help).

2. On the "Unclassified Drives" screen, just tap the "Report" IMG_E4129.JPG button located in the upper right corner.

3. Choose the option that suits your needs from the menu that pops up.

4. Voila! A neatly organized report will be sent to your email in both PDF and spreadsheet formats, making it easy for you to review.

For a more detailed guide, complete with screenshots for iOS and Android devices, take a look at our article on Generating Mobile Reports.

Now, let's see how you can create a report using the MileIQ Web Dashboard:

Visit our MileIQ Web Dashboard at

Reports Tab:

If you're looking for a report based on a specific date and general criteria, head over to the Reports Tab. It's the simplest and quickest way. 

- Click on the Reports Tab on the left-hand side.
- Select the filters that match your reporting needs.

Web - Reports Filters - Annotated.png
- Hit the "Create this report" button.
- Name your report and provide any additional details you want, then simply click "Create and send report."

Web - Report Create Fill Details - Annotated.png
- You'll receive a confirmation that your report has been sent to your email.

Your report will be neatly filed in the Archived reports section for easy access in the future.

Web - Report done now Archived - Annotated.png

Drives View:

Looking for a report with more fine-tuned details? The Drives Tab is your go-to.

- From the Drives tab, apply the filters that will fetch the drives you want in your report.

Web - Drives to choose Filter - Annotated.png
- Filter and select the drives you need as shown below.

Web - Drives to Reports Filter - Annotated.png

Web - Drives Selected Report - Annotated.png

Just like before, name your report, fill in any extra info you need, and hit "Create and send report."

Web - Drives Report Details Filled - Annotated.png

You'll be guided to the Reports tab, where a confirmation message will pop up at the bottom.

And don't worry about losing it—your newly created report will be safely stored in the Archived reports section for future reference.

So there you have it! MileIQ takes the hassle out of creating reports for your driving activities.

Whether you prefer the MileIQ app or the Web Dashboard, generating reports has never been this user-friendly. 

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