What can I do with MileIQ?

Curious about the incredible things you can achieve with MileIQ?

MileIQ works its magic by automatically keeping track of your drives through your mobile device. Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping tabs on deductible or reimbursable miles – MileIQ has got you covered!

Once your drives are logged, it's time to explore the fantastic features of the mobile app and web dashboard. Get ready to effortlessly view, categorize, tweak, and create reports for your drives. Dive into the links below to embark on your journey to mastering MileIQ.

Classify Drives

Once MileIQ records your drives, it's easy to classify them as business or personal to keep a running total of your potential deduction or reimbursement.

Video Tutorial: How to Classify Drives

Help Center Article: How to Classify Drives

Personalize Features

MileIQ adapts to your preferences with a bunch of customizable features that are all about you.

Vehicles: Set up your vehicles (and start-of-year odometer readings) to keep track of how many miles or kilometers you drive in each one.

Named Locations: Give unique names to your most frequented destinations to make it easy to remember and sort drives by the places you visit most often.

Custom Purposes: Need additional purposes beyond Business and Personal? Label your drives however you'd like with the Custom Purpose feature.

Work Hours: Automate your drive classification by setting the business hours that you normally keep, and only drives within those hours will be available in the mobile app (all others will be classified as Personal, automatically).

Access the Web Dashboard

Guess what? MileIQ is not just an app; it's a whole experience! Alongside the mobile app, you've got your very own web dashboard that's designed to complement your journey. It's a treasure trove of all your sorted drives, plus some nifty editing and reporting tools.

Add a Drive: Quickly add drives using the "Add+" option on the web dashboard. Simply enter the start and end addresses, assign a purpose, and MileIQ will do the rest.

Edit Drive Details & Add Notes: Change a drive's purpose, adjust the distance, switch the vehicle, or add additional notes – all from the web dashboard.

Search for Drives: The Search bar allows for searching of any field within a drive card (I.e. - Vehicle name, locations, notes, purposes, and more).

Classify Drives in Bulk: Bulk classifying is the fastest and most convenient way to classify groups of drives all at once.

Create Reports: Custom reports based on vehicle, location, purpose (or any other drive detail) can be generated directly from the web dashboard and sent to your email address.

And hey, there's a whole bunch more to discover in the Help Center!

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