How to add a drive

How can I add a drive?

You can easily add drives to your account on the Web Dashboard (using the same email and password as the app) or on the mobile app. 


Adding Drives on the Web Dashboard

After logging into the web dashboard, click the ‘+ Add a Drive’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.




Afterwards, the Add a Drive window will appear and ask you to classify the drive you are about to add. Choose either Personal or Business and then a pop-out menu will allow you to select a purpose. For this example we will select a Business > Meeting classification.

The Drive Details page will appear where you will then enter your departure and arrival locations (simply typing will provide you with recommendations or you can use your named locations) and the time and date. You can change the classification type if you made a mistake using this window. We'll change the drive we're adding to a Customer Visit.


Once you've added the starting and ending locations, you'll notice that the time will automatically adjust based on the distance between the two points. You can edit these times as needed, however, we suggest adjusting the starting time first as the ending time will be automatically calculated from that time. If you need to edit the arrival time, do so only after setting the starting time.

You can also add in additional drive details (e.g., notes, vehicle information, tolls and parking fee) by clicking the Vehicle drop down to choose a vehicle saved to your account. Tolls, Parking and Notes can be added by clicking on the Page icon.




When all the details you require are added, simply click ‘Add drive’ to save the drive to your dashboard. If you need to add this same drive to a different day or reverse the locations, please see our article for How to: Duplicate Drives.





Adding Drives on the Mobile App

To add drives to your account on the mobile app, navigate to the All Drives page on the mobile app (Settings  > All Drives) and tap on the blue '+' button on the lower right corner. 

App_-_All_Drives_-_Annotated.png       App_-_All_Drives_Add_Drive_-_Annotated.png

Once you tap the '+' button, personal and business buttons will appear on the bottom of the screen. Choose either Personal or Business. Then, a drive card will appear.

This image shows the classification purposes that populate when adding a drive.       This image shows the blank drive card.

Enter Locations, Time and Date

Enter the start and end location (type in an area name, complete address, or one of your Named Locations) and date of the drive within the drive card.

This image shows the drive card with the start and end location filled in.

Add Details

You can also add in additional drive details (e.g., notes, vehicle information, mileage, tolls and parking fee) within the drive card.

This image shows the drive card with parking, tolls, and vehicle fields filled out.    This image shows the vehicle list.

To add a purpose to the drive, tap on the blue 'Edit >' section at the top of the drive card. Then, a list of secondary purposes will appear. Tap on the desired purpose.

This image shows the drive card, highlighting the classification at the top.    This image shows the list of secondary purposes.

Add Drive to Drive List

Simply tap 'Add Drive' to save the drive to your drive list and you're all set! 

This image shows the drive card, highlighting the add drive button     This image shows the All Drives list, highlighting the confirmation blurb that appears.

Additional Information

In order for the map to populate on the Web Dashboard, you need to manually type in the address or named location, then select it from the drop-down menu that appears. Please see here for more information: How to add Drives if the "Add Drive" button is grayed out

Once you've added a drive, consider renaming the arrival and destination locations to something easier to add and remember with our Named Locations feature. See our Named Locations Article for more information.


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