How to join Drives

Once in a while, the MileIQ app may create separate drive cards for trips that you'd want to record as one.

Luckily, MileIQ makes it easy to join drives via the app or through the online dashboard. The mobile app provides a "Join Drives" icon between drives less than an hour apart.

On the web dashboard, however, you can select any drives and join them in bulk edit mode.

Join Drives in MileIQ App

MileIQ will automatically identify which drives you can join. These drive cards will be connected with the "Join Drives" icon. Click on the "Join Drives" button in between two drive cards. 

After clicking the "Join Drives" button, the two drive cards will merge. Click "Confirm Join" at the bottom of the screen to join the drives. 

After joining drives, MileIQ will automatically calculate the combined drive length and potential deduction. You can also see a confirmation that you joined drives at the bottom of the screen.

Join Drives in MileIQ Dashboard

Log into the MileIQ web dashboard with the same email and password you log in the app with. To join drives, select the trips you want to join together with the checkboxes on the left.


When two or more drives are selected, a multiple drive card will appear on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Push the "Join" button on the bottom of the card.  A confirmation window will appear, Confirm that you want to join the drives to continue.


Remember that joining will take the purpose of the earliest drive and will add up any parking and tolls and combine any notes. 

After your drives are joined, a confirmation check will appear in the last action bar on the top of the dashboard. 



  • Need to un-join a drive, please reach out to us with details of the joined drives (date, mileage, start, and end locations) and we can help out!


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