How to add Vehicles via Bluetooth

You can take full advantage of automatic vehicle pairing in MileIQ when Bluetooth is enabled on your device and connected to your car.

Note: Vehicle Bluetooth pairing is available in MileIQ for both iOS and Android. Screens demonstrating the feature below may vary from your device.

Note: Your mobile device must be paired with your vehicle prior to adding your vehicle through the MileIQ App.

Note: Native Bluetooth to your vehicle is required.  Aftermarket Bluetooth connections do not transmit the vehicle information MileIQ needs.

With your device already paired to your vehicle:

  1. Go to Vehicles in MileIQ by navigating to Menu > Account Settings > Personalization > Vehicles, and then tap on Add Vehicle.
  2. On the next screen, tap Add via Bluetooth to scan for your vehicle.

    Screenshot of the Add Vehicles screen showing Bluetooth and manual options for adding vehicles
  3. Select your vehicle (or vehicle's Bluetooth designation, i.e. 'Handsfreelink' in the example below) from the list.
    Screenshot showing list of Bluetooth devices, including vehicles, paired to your device

  4. On this screen, set your vehicle options, and tap on Add More Details to enter vehicle details such as make/model/odometer reading.

    Screenshot showing Bluetooth vehicle options and highlighting the 'More Details' button

    Setting the vehicle as the Primary Vehicle will automatically assign the vehicle to all your new drives unless another vehicle is paired with your device and has been added to your MileIQ account.

    Enabling 'Auto-assign this vehicle' will have MileIQ automatically assign your vehicle to a drive when your device is paired to this vehicle via Bluetooth. If you have multiple vehicles with Bluetooth functionality paired with MileIQ, it's recommended to have 'Auto-assign this vehicle' enabled for all vehicles so MileIQ automatically assigns the appropriate vehicle used for the drive.

  5. When finished, tap on Save to add the vehicle to MileIQ.

    Screenshot showing expanded Bluetooth vehicle options such as adding make/model/year and highlighting the 'Save' button in the upper right
  6. Your vehicle will be automatically assigned to any drives taken on that vehicle, as long as Bluetooth is enabled in both the vehicle and your device.

If you have any questions, issues, concerns, or feedback about our Bluetooth feature, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team by completing the form found at


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