How to add a drive

Wondering how to add a drive to MileIQ? You can do it through the mobile app or the Web Dashboard using the same email and password you use for the app.

Adding Drives on the Mobile App
  1. Open All Drives: In the mobile app, go to the All Drives page (accessible through Settings ☰ > All Drives).
  2. Look for the blue '+' button in the lower right corner and tap it.
  3. Classification: Personal and business buttons will appear at the bottom. Choose one. Then, a drive card will appear.
  4. Enter Locations, Time, and Date: Fill in the start and end locations (you can type names, addresses, or use Named Locations) and the drive date within the drive card.
  5. Add Details: You can also include additional drive details like notes, vehicle info, mileage, tolls, and parking fees within the drive card.
  6. Set Purpose: To add a purpose to the drive, tap 'Edit >' at the top of the drive card. A list of secondary purposes will appear. Choose the one that fits.
  7. Save Drive: Simply tap 'Add Drive' to save it to your drive list, and you're done!
Adding Drives on the Web Dashboard
  1. Login: Start by logging into the Web Dashboard.
  2. Find the Button: Look for the "+ Add a Drive" button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Classification: A window will pop up asking you to classify the drive as Personal or Business. Choose one and select a purpose. For instance, you might choose Business > Meeting.
  4. Drive Details: You'll be taken to the Drive Details page where you'll enter your departure and arrival locations (you can type them, and suggestions will appear), along with the date and time. You can also change the classification type here. For example, if you initially selected Meeting, you can change it to Customer Visit.
  5. Time Adjustment: The time will adjust automatically based on the distance between the two points. You can edit these times if needed, but it's recommended to adjust the starting time first, as the ending time is calculated from that.
  6. Additional Details: You can add extra drive details like notes, vehicle info, tolls, and parking fees by clicking the Vehicle drop-down menu and selecting your vehicle. Tolls, parking, and notes can be added by clicking the Page icon.
  7. Save Drive: Once all the necessary details are added, click 'Add drive' to save it to your dashboard. If you need to add the same drive to a different day or reverse the locations, check out our article on How to: Duplicate Drives.
Additional Information
  • If the map doesn't populate on the Web Dashboard, manually type in the address or named location and select it from the drop-down menu. Learn more here: Help: The 'Add Drive' button is greyed out!
  • After adding a drive, consider renaming the arrival and destination locations for easier reference with our Named Locations feature. Check out our Named Locations Article for more information.

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