How to Manage My Named Locations

You can manage your Named Locations to make it easier to identify and sort drives. Simply navigate to Settings ☰ (three parallel bars on the top left) > Account Settings > Named Locations to add, rename, view, and even delete Named Locations. All existing Named Locations will be listed on this page. 

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Adding Named Locations

To manually add a Named Location from the Named Locations page, tap on '+ New Location'.


Then, enter the name and address in the New Location Details page. Suggestions will be made based on your current location.


Note: If you are receiving a 'Location services unavailable' error message, MileIQ is having connectivity issues. Please check your network settings and try again. If a location is not found, a red triangle will appear in the address box.


After you're done filling in the name and address, tap 'Add' to finish adding the Named Locations. You will now be able to see the newly added Named Location in the Named Location list.


Editing Named Locations

To edit an existing Named Location, tap on the desired Named Location in the Named Locations page.

Then, edit the name or address on the Location Details screen.


Tap 'Save' on the upper right corner to save the changes. A confirmation screen will appear. Tap 'Rename' to confirm the change. All previous and future visits here will be changed to the new Named Location name. If an address was changed for a Named Location, drives with the previous address will default to the original city or neighborhood.


Deleting Named Locations

To delete a Named Location, tap on the desired Named Location in the Named Locations page.

Once the location details appear, tap on 'Delete Location' on the bottom of the Locations Details screen.

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A confirmation will appear. Please tap 'Delete' to complete the deletion. This will completely delete the Named Location. The drives that contain the deleted Named Location will default to the original city or neighborhood. 

Additional Information

To learn more about Named Locations on the mobile app and dashboard, please see How to name your Locations

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