How to: Delete a Drive

How do I delete a drive?

Drives can be deleted in two ways: from the mobile app or from the web dashboard (same email and password as the app).

Note: Drives that have already been classified can only be deleted from the web dashboard.


Mobile App

From the mobile app, a drive can be deleted from the bottom right of the Drive Card by tapping on the 'trash can' icon. Selecting the reason for the drive deletion helps make MileIQ better.

A drive that has been accidentally deleted from the mobile app can be un-deleted by tapping on the 'Undo button' at the bottom right of the app immediately after the accidental delete.

Web Dashboard

Alternatively, a drive can be deleted from the MileIQ web dashboard.
Select the trip(s) you want to delete with the checkboxes on the left. Then, push the "Delete" button from the bottom right panel. Finally, confirm that you want to delete the drive(s).
Finally, confirm that you want to delete the drive(s).
You'll see a verification at the bottom of the page confirming the drives were deleted.


Additional Information

If you’ve accidentally deleted any of your drives on the web dashboard and are unable to undo the action on your own, please fill out the form at being sure to provide the date of the deleted drive. In order to restore the deleted drives, the customer support agent will need to know the day or range of dates the deleted drive(s) took place.



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