Can I use MileIQ for ride-sharing?

Absolutely! Thousands of ride-sharing drivers are benefiting from using MileIQ to effortlessly track all their deductible mileage.

While most ride-sharing apps only provide reports for mileage during passenger trips, MileIQ goes the extra mile.

We recommend using MileIQ to capture those in-between drives, ensuring that every mile you travel is accounted for in your reports.

For detailed insights on reporting with MileIQ, dive into our dedicated Reporting section.

It's worth noting that while rare, there might be some challenges when using MileIQ in bustling urban areas with frequent stops. This is due to the current way MileIQ detects drives.

Keep in mind that MileIQ typically requires a distance of ½ to 1 mile to recognize the start of a new trip. Additionally, a gap of 10-15 minutes between drives gives our drive processor time to accurately determine if the movement qualifies as a drive and if your vehicle has come to a rest.

In situations where there are numerous quick stops within the same trip or if your drive's ending point matches the starting point, MileIQ might not capture a portion or the entire drive.

No worries though! If any drives happen to be accidentally left out, you can easily manually add them by referring to our article on How to Add a Drive.

We're here to make sure your mileage tracking experience is as smooth as possible!

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