Top 5 tips for new users

Are you new to MileIQ? Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of your app.

1. Use customizable features to save you time and effort when classifying drives.

Named Locations - Give unique names to your most frequented destinations, making them recognizable at a glance and easy to classify. 

Custom Purposes - Need more specific purposes than Business and Personal? Clearly label your drives with the Custom Purpose feature. 

Vehicles - Set up your vehicles (and start-of-year odometer readings) to keep track of how many miles you drive in each one. 

2. Stay on top of classifying your drives.

The majority of MileIQ users feel like they get the most out of MileIQ when they keep up with classifying their drives. Here are a few tips to help you do so:

Add the MileIQ mobile app to your device's home screen - Having the mobile app on your home screen helps keep mileage tracking on your radar.

For more information on how to do so: iPhones | Androids

Make it part of your routine - Set a recurring calendar event, let your weekly MileIQ email be a reminder, or just incorporate it into your other regular administrative tasks. 

Set a recurring calendar event now! Here are the instructions for the top 3 mail providers: Outlook | Google Calendar

Fit it into the spare moments - Whether you’re standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for your kids to get in the car or sitting through commercials that can’t be fast-forwarded, you can put otherwise idle times to good use by quickly classifying any new drives on your list. 

Keep in mind that it can take up to 15 minutes after a drive has ended for it to appear within the app. 

Make it fun - Challenge yourself to get through the previous day’s drives before your morning coffee finishes brewing, or give yourself a reward every time you get to the “100% Complete” screen for the month. 

Use the "All Months" view to see your classification stats for each month. Can you get to 100% complete? 

Please see this article for more information on how to view, classify, and report drives by month in the mobile app.

3. Let MileIQ auto-classify your drives using Work Hours and Frequent Drives.

Work Hours - Have a regular work schedule? Do you normally work multiple shifts per day, overnight hours, or have regular afternoon errands? Set up MileIQ to auto-classify your drives outside your work schedule as Personal so your drives are available for more in-depth classification. 

Frequent Drives - MileIQ now recognizes trips you take most often and can automatically classify them as business, personal, or even a specific purpose. 

4. Master the web dashboard and access the power features available when you use MileIQ on your computer.

Find specific drives - The Search bar allows a search of any field within a drive card (I.e. - Vehicle name, locations, notes, purposes, and more). 

Bulk classify - Bulk classifying is the fastest and most convenient way to classify groups of drives all at once. 

Edit drives & add notes - Change a drives purpose, adjust the distance, switch the vehicle, or add additional notes – all from the web dashboard. 

Create custom reports - Custom reports based on vehicle, location, purpose (or any other drive detail) can be generated directly from the web dashboard and sent to your email address. 

5. Find more MileIQ value with emails and notifications.

Automated Mileage Summaries - These weekly and monthly reports show how much your drives are worth as well as the potential value of any drives that still need to be classified. They often include links to helpful articles and information about new features and customer programs as well. 

Drive Detection Alerts - A few things can cause MileIQ to stop catching drives, like logging out or changing certain settings. We send “No Drives Caught” alerts to let you know when we’ve stopped seeing drives and help you get your drive log back on track. 

Product Announcements - Whether it’s Frequent Drives or Work Hours, we’re always working on ways to make your life easier. These emails will introduce you to the latest and greatest MileIQ features and walk you through how to use them. 

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