How much data does MileIQ use?

When you're using MileIQ, the impact on your phone's data should be minimal, like a little drop in the ocean.

On an average month, a typical MileIQ user would consume about 1.5-2.5MB of data. Considering that most phone plans offer between 250MB to 2GB of data, that's just around 1% of your data allowance.

Remember, your actual data usage might vary based on how much you drive and how you interact with the app. If you take long road trips or forget to keep your trip details updated, it might use a bit more data.

Checking Your Data Usage:

If you're on iOS, you can easily see how much data each app uses by going to your Settings, tapping on Cellular, and scrolling through your list of apps.

You'll find MileIQ there too, showing its data usage. And if you want to track usage for a specific period, just go to the bottom of the Cellular page and tap Reset Statistics.

For Android users, finding your data usage is also a breeze. Just open your Settings, then go to Wireless & networks, followed by Data usage.

Look for the App usage section, where you'll find MileIQ listed along with its data consumption.

You can even click on MileIQ to get more detailed information about its data usage over time, both in the foreground and background.

We're confident that when it comes to data usage, MileIQ stands strong against any other mileage-tracking app. If you ever think your data usage is higher than expected, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at We'd be more than happy to dig deeper and figure things out.

Tips for Using Less Data:

If you want to be extra mindful about your data, you can pause MileIQ right from your phone.

Just go into the MileIQ mobile app, find Menu, then Drive Detection, and toggle to Paused. This will help cut down on data usage even more.

Just remember to unpause it when you're ready to start tracking again. Keep in mind that MileIQ might take up to 30 minutes to get an accurate location reading, so give it a bit of time before hitting the road again.

For more guidance on pausing, check out: How to pause automatic drive detection.

Your journey should be worry-free and data-friendly!

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