How to: Add a Drive

It is easy to add drives to your account at (same email and password as the app). After you're logged in, click the ‘Add a Drive +’ button at the right-hand edge of the search bar (or in the right-hand pane when no drives are selected)


Afterwards, the Add a Drive window will appear and ask you to classify the drive you are about to add. Choose either Personal or Business and then a drop down menu will allow you to select a purpose.
Then, enter your departure and arrival locations (from the drop-down menus) and the time and date. You can even use your named locations to quickly add a drive.
You can also add in additional drive details (e.g., notes, vehicle information, tolls and parking fee) by clicking the notepad and vehicle tabs on the bottom left of the window.
Simply click ‘Add drive’ to save the drive to your dashboard.
In order for the map to populate, you need to manually type in the address or named location, then select it from the drop-down menu that appears. Please see here for more information: How to: Add Drives if the "Add Drive" Button is Grayed Out

Once you've added a drive, consider renaming the arrival and destination locations to something easier to add and remember with our Named Locations feature. For more about Named Locations, see here
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