How to undo actions

Undo recent actions by tapping the Undo button at the bottom of the page. 

Undoing Actions in the MileIQ web dashboard

In the MileIQ dashboard, the Undo button is a blue banner that appears when an action can be undone. You can undo the following types of actions:

  • Deleting a drive
  • Joining two drives

Undoing can be useful if you make a mistake. Clicking the Undo button will show the specific drive, so you can make any changes needed.

Undoing Actions in the MileIQ app

In the app, you have the option to reverse recent actions by simply tapping the Undo button located in the lower right-hand corner of the home screen.


Making a Change Later

The Undo button is helpful when you want to make a change immediately after performing an action.

You can also make changes to drives later by editing them on the web dashboard. Select one or more drives from the drive list and the drive details will appear in the right-hand sidebar for editing.

Changes will save as soon as you click out of the active area.

Additional Information

If you've accidentally deleted or joined drives and you no longer see the option to undo them, please complete the form at with details (dates, times and locations) of the affected drives as we're typically able to restore them for you.

Please keep in mind, our support team cannot undo classifications.

Also, if a deletion occurred more than 30 days ago, then the drive information is fully deleted from our system and cannot be restored. You would need to add drives manually


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