Help: I've already paid, but my account shows free!

Don't worry at all! We're here to lend a helping hand and ensure you don't miss out on any of your valuable mileage.

We've got a few troubleshooting tips to help you find your Premium account:

First things first, let's make sure you're on the right track.

Head over to Settings > Account > Signed in: to double-check the email address associated with your current account.

If the email you see isn't the one you used to purchase your Premium subscription, it probably means you accidentally created a second account. No problem! Just reach out to our fantastic Customer Success team from both email addresses (we take security seriously, so this step is important) and we'll help merge those accounts into one shiny Premium subscription under the email you prefer.

Here are a couple more tips to smooth things along:

1. Check Your Receipt: To find the email linked to your Premium subscription, take a peek in your inbox for your trusty MileIQ receipt or upgrade confirmation. Make sure you're logging in with the same account that received that email.

2. Lost Access to Your Email? No Worries: If you can't access the email tied to your account and can't reset the password, just fill out our form at We'll ask for a bit more info to make sure you're the real account owner. Think last 4 digits of the card you used, a couple of recent drive locations, and any personalized account tweaks you made.

3. Premium Status Still Hiding? Try This: If you're sure you're on the right track but the Premium perks aren't showing, give the restore option a whirl. Just go to Menu > Account Settings > GET UNLIMITED DRIVES. Then, tap "Restore" at the top of the screen. This won't cost you a dime extra, and your app should soon be sporting its Premium look.

4. Did Your Payment Get Lost? Double-check if your payment went through. After your upgrade, you should've gotten an upgrade confirmation email and a receipt. If those emails are nowhere to be found, it might mean the payment didn't go through smoothly.

5. If You Upgraded in the App: Remember, if you upgraded within the app, the payment's processed by either iTunes or Google Play. Your receipt will come straight from them.

6. Is Your Account Alright? Take a moment to make sure your account hasn't slipped into hibernation. Just visit the Subscription Plan section on the web dashboard and confirm that everything looks hunky-dory.

Still hitting bumps? Don't sweat it! Our Customer Success champions are here to save the day. Just message us through the app or the web dashboard and we'll work our magic to locate your Premium account and get things sorted.

And hey, when you reach out, don't forget to attach a copy of that original receipt from your email. If you've got other email addresses connected to your account, let us know about those too. We'll make sure everything's squared away.

Bonus Tips:

- Watch Those Typos: If a sneaky typo slipped into your email address, don't worry. Follow the steps in our article "How to change email / username for MileIQ" to fix it up. You can still log in, even if there's a little typo in there.

- Lost the Right Email? Try 'Em All: If you're not sure which email you used for your account, toss all the email addresses you use into our password reset form. If there's a match, you'll get an email with the scoop.

Remember, we're here with smiles and solutions to help you every step of the way! 🚗🌟

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