How to upgrade to an Unlimited drives subscription

Welcome to MileIQ, where tracking your drives becomes a breeze! 🚗 Our goal is to make your experience as smooth as possible.

With our basic plan, you can effortlessly keep track of up to 40 drives every month. But if your journey takes you beyond those 40 drives, don't worry!

Our Unlimited drives plan is tailor-made for you. Here's how you can hop on board:

Unlimited Plan Magic ✨

We totally understand that choosing a subscription is an important decision. We want you to feel like you're investing in something valuable – whether it's for your personal needs or business ventures. With MileIQ, we automatically calculate the value of your drives, and you'll be surprised at how those little trips can add up to something great!

Upgrading Made Easy 🌟

You've got two fantastic options to upgrade to the Unlimited plan, and they're both super simple.

Through the Mobile App:

1. Launch the MileIQ app on your mobile device – you know the one!
2. Tap the adorable Menu button ☰ at the upper left corner.
3. Find "Get unlimited drives" at the bottom and give it a tap.
4. Hit "Upgrade to Unlimited" and pick your subscription – Monthly or Annual. For mobile upgrades, it's like a little in-app shopping trip. So, keep your Apple ID or Google Play username handy.
5. Enter your Apple ID or Google Play info, tap 'OK', and just like that, you're part of the MileIQ Unlimited club!
6. You'll instantly unlock MileIQ Unlimited, and any extra drives you've taken in the current and previous month will be set free.
7. Oh, and be on the lookout for a receipt from iTunes or Google Play in your inbox!

Through the Web Dashboard:

1. Log in to your MileIQ account on our web dashboard ( Use the same email and password you use for the app – easy peasy!
2. On the left side, spot the 'Subscription' tab and give it a click.
3. Choose the subscription that suits you best, then hit that inviting 'Select' button.
4. Secure checkout time! Follow the steps to complete your payment – it's smoother than a Sunday drive.
5. Voilà! You're now part of the MileIQ Unlimited family. Any additional drives over the limit from the current and previous months will be magically restored to your account.

Big Thanks for Upgrading! 🎉

Guess what? There's even more good stuff to share!

After your upgrade, any drives that MileIQ captured above the 40-drive-per-month threshold will be gracefully set free for both the current and previous months.

If you're already rocking an upgraded subscription on the unlimited plan, simply hit "Restore" at the top of the Upgrade page in the mobile app. This is handy when you switch between devices but want to keep your MileIQ journey seamless.

Facing any hiccups while upgrading through the mobile app? iTunes might be playing hard to get. Just ensure there are no limits on your purchase amount. Also, check out your iPhone Settings > General > Restrictions and make sure that "Allow In-App Purchases" is happily switched on.

We're here to make your journey enjoyable, so if you need any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy driving and tracking! 🛣️🌈

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