How to: Pause Automatic Drive Detection

Though we recommend that you keep MileIQ active so that you don't miss an important drive, you can easily pause drive detection from within the MileIQ mobile app. Pausing drive detection is helpful when you're doing an activity that would have similar motion to driving, but don't want MileIQ to pick it up. This includes being a passenger in friends' cars or a cab/public transit, biking, or if you're quite the runner.

To pause automatic drive detection, go to Settings > Drive Detection and slide the toggle switch to Paused. 

IMG_8211.PNG  IMG_8212.PNG


To resume detection, either switch the main toggle back to Active, or setup Auto-resume to restart at a future date and time. 

IMG_8216.PNG  IMG_8217.PNG

While paused, a card will appear at the top of the home screen letting you know that drive detection is currently inactive.  To resume sooner than the set time, press "Resume Detection" to begin capturing drives.


Additionally, we recommend waiting a bit before taking a drive after un-pausing. Depending on your location when you un-pause, it can take between 5 to 15 minutes for MileIQ to get accurate location information. If we don't get accurate location information before the drive starts, unfortunately, the drive may be disregarded.


• iOS 7.1 and later has changed how apps like MileIQ behave while running in the background. It now re-opens them (even if force-quit) when a location change is triggered. Please pause the app in the manner above to ensure a paused state.


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