How to adjust email notification settings

You have full control over the email notifications you receive from MileIQ and they can be adjusted at any time from within the mobile app or web dashboard.

Mobile App

To adjust your email notifications in the MileIQ app, go to Menu > Account Settings > Email Communications.




From there you’ll notice toggle switches to control which notifications you want enabled. If the switch background is green, the notification is turned “On”, and if the switch background is gray, that notification is turned “Off”.

Web Dashboard

Log into your MileIQ account at the MileIQ web dashboard using the same email and password as the app.

Once logged in to the dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ button in the left menu of the page and navigate to the 'Notification’ section.



In the Notification section, simply check the specific email communications you want enabled.


Additional Information

  • Weekly emails arrive around 8AM on Monday mornings to your account email address and include a summary, details & stats for the last week's drives.
  • Month-end emails arrive on the 1st of the month to your account email address and include stats for the last month at a glance.


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