How to reset your Password

Have you ever needed to update your MileIQ account password? No worries, we've got you covered!

You can do it effortlessly from either the mobile app or our web dashboard by simply requesting a password reset email. Let's walk you through the process with a smile!

Mobile App

1. Start by launching the mobile app and head to the Login screen.

2. Enter your email address, and then give the "Continue" button a tap.

3. Now, click on "Forgot Password," and make sure to confirm your email address. After that, press "Request."

4. An email with a handy link to reset your password, will appear in your inbox. Just follow the steps in the email, and you'll be all set to roll!

Web Dashboard

If you're more of a desktop or notebook person, no worries! We've got you covered there too:

1. Fire up your computer, open your web browser, and head to our sign-in page at

2. Enter your email address, click "Continue."

3. On the second page, you'll see the "Forgot my password" option. Click on it, and you're on the right track.

4. Now, on the third page, simply enter your account email address, and click 'Reset password'.

5. Another email, complete with a handy link, will be winging its way to your account address. Just follow those simple steps, and you're back in action!

Can't Find the Email? No Worries!

Sometimes, emails can play hide and seek in your spam folder. So, if you don't see it right away, be sure to check there.

And if you're using a company email, it's always a good idea to reach out to your network administrator. They can help ensure that MileIQ emails aren't getting lost in the digital shuffle.

A Quick Note:

If you're unsure about which email you used as your username, don't sweat it! You can easily find it in the app. Just head to Menu > Account Settings, and you'll see it right there next to "Signed in." 

One Last Thing:

While you can't change your password directly from the mobile app, requesting a reset email is a breeze. So, you're never too far away from securing your account.

Now, go ahead and update that password with confidence, and remember, we're here to make your MileIQ experience as smooth as possible! 😊

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