How to Classify Drives

We're excited to guide you through the simple and convenient process of classifying your drives using the MileIQ mobile app and web dashboard. Whether you're on the go or prefer to kick back at your computer, we've got you covered.

Mobile App

Once you've installed the MileIQ app, it's time to hit the road! Until you embark on a drive, no drives will appear. The beauty of MileIQ lies in its automatic drive detection. You won't find any buttons to start or stop drives manually – it's all done for you!

As soon as MileIQ senses you've embarked on a drive, a drive card will appear, complete with starting and ending locations, mileage, and time. This is where you can enter some personal touches by adding notes, parking details, and tolls.

Business or Personal

It's as easy as swiping right for business or left for personal.

Just a tap of your finger on the screen, and you're good to go. 

Customize Your Drive Experience

You can also classify drives with a Custom Purpose.

Give the drive screen a long swipe and hold until the 'Add a Purpose' prompt appears. Release it, and you'll see the MileIQ Custom Purpose grid (on IOS) or a Custom Purpose list (on Android), complete with secondary classifications related to the primary category.

A quick tap, and your drive gets a custom purpose makeover.

Make It Yours

Want to add your own custom purposes? Head over to the MileIQ web dashboard, and you can easily tweak the list.

For step-by-step instructions, check out our "How to Create a Custom Drive Purpose" article. Once added, your custom purpose will be at your fingertips in the Custom Purpose Grid.

Monthly Reports Made Easy

After you've classified your drives, just drive as usual, and let the app do its thing. At the end of the month, you can whip up a report from our web dashboard ( It's perfect for submitting to your employer or accountant for reimbursement. Simple, right?

Web Dashboard

Now, let's shift gears to our web dashboard at Here, you'll find all your recent drives on the drive list. You can classify them one by one or as a group.

Classify a Single Drive

Just click on the checkbox next to the drive, and a drive card will pop up on the right. You can pick the purpose from there. Alternatively, you can use the handy Classification buttons.

Classify a Group of Drives

For those days when you have a bunch of drives to classify, use the search box to find specific ones, or simply click the top checkbox to select them all. A multiple drive card will appear, and you can assign a purpose to all of them. A confirmation window will pop up, and you're all set!

Additional Info and Tips

Remember, while circumstances may vary, according to the IRS and most employers, any trip from your home to an office is a personal expense. But hey, it's always worth asking your employer about reimbursement.

For more insight into what constitutes a drive, check out our article on "What determines a drive?"

And if you're missing drives, make sure your device is optimized for drive detection, following our best practices.

And there you have it – a friendly guide to mastering MileIQ's drive classification features.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, we're always here to help. Happy driving! 🚗🌟

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