How to: Create a Custom Drive Purpose

MileIQ makes it easy to label your drives however you'd like with the Custom Purpose feature. Custom Purposes can be set up from within the mobile app, or from the web dashboard at (same email and password as the app).

Mobile App

To enable custom purposes in the mobile app, tap on Menu > Account Settings > Personalization > Custom Purposes.

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Scroll to the top of the preset purposes for either category (Business or Personal), and click on the '+ Create New Business / Personal Purpose.' Enter your custom purpose in the text field that appears. After you are done entering your custom purpose in the text field, your new custom purpose will appear in the list.


 Web Dashboard

Once logged in to the Web Dashboard, click on Settings in the upper right.


Under the Custom Purposes section of the Settings page, you will see all the default purposes for Business and Personal classifications.

At the bottom of each column is a green 'Add Business or Personal Purpose' link. Click on the green link in the appropriate column and a text field will appear. Enter your new purpose and click the green '+' button to save your new purpose.

Once the new purpose is added, you can prioritize your purposes by clicking and dragging the purpose using the 'arrows' to the left of the purpose name. 


Congratulations! You've created a custom purpose. You may now classify your drives from the web dashboard using your custom purpose.

Any drives classified with a custom purpose are searchable in the main dashboard drive list, and the custom purpose will show up on reports when the drives are exported to PDF, CSV, Concur, and/or Freshbooks.


  • You can hide any unused purposes by pressing on the "X" and then "Hide?".
  • Purposes can be rearranged by holding and dragging the icon with the 3 parallel bars.
  • To unhide a purpose, press "Show all" and then "Restore."
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