How to set Work Hours and Work Shifts

Save valuable time by choosing which drives to automatically classify based on your schedule, and setting your Work Hours.

Mobile App

To enable Work Hours on the mobile app, tap on the ☰ (Menu) icon, then navigate to Account Settings > Work Hours. Slide the toggle to the right to enable Work Hours.

After enabling Work Hours, you can customize the start and end times for each day. A Monday through Friday schedule from 9 am to 6 pm is set by default. To include Work Hours during the weekend, tap "Add Work Hours" next to the respective day and set the start and end times.

To adjust the start time, tap "Ok”, then modify the end time and tap "Ok”.

Your Work Hours will be updated to reflect these changes.

Note: Currently, the new Work Hours Feature is only accessible to iOS users on app version 2.23+ and Android users on version 2.29 or higher.

Automatic Drive Classification
Use the toggles to specify which drives you want to classify (Business or Personal), then set your Work Hours.

First Toggle: Classify Drives During Work Hours

Turn on this toggle, and the app automatically categorizes all drives that occur within your defined Work Hours as Business

Second Toggle: Classify Drives Outside Work Hours

Turn on this toggle, and the app categorizes all drives that fall outside your Work Hours as Personal



You can always see all of your drives from the web dashboard and re-classify them if necessary.

Note: If a Frequent Drive happens when Work Hours are set to auto-classify, we prioritize the Frequent Drives’ auto-classification. 

Example: If you regularly drive from home to work around 7AM M-F, the app might classify it as a personal trip if Frequent Drives is enabled. Even if you set your Work Hours from 6AM to 8PM M-F and tell the app to classify those drives as business, it will still auto-classify them as personal because Frequent Drives take priority over Work Hours.

Web Dashboard

To enable Work Hours from the web dashboard, log in using the same username and password as the app. Once logged in, navigate to Settings > Auto-classification. 

From the Work Hours section, slide the toggle switch to the "Yes" position to specify how the app should automatically classify your drives (Business or Personal) within and/or outside your designated work hours. Then, set your Work Hours. 


If your schedule varies and isn't consistent from Monday to Friday, click on the "+ I have a more complex schedule" option to customize the times for different days of the week.

To add Work Hours on any day, including weekends, click the “+” button. Once you’ve edited your Work Hours, click the “Save” button to save all your changes.

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