How to: Edit Classified Drives & Add Notes

It's easy to add information about Parking, Tolls, Vehicle or other Notes to your Drives with MileIQ! You can add notes to drives on the mobile app before swiping the drive card, and classify, edit, or add notes to all your drives at any time from the web dashboard.

Mobile App

On the mobile app, simply tap the Notepad Icon on the bottom left of the drive card before classifying the drive. The notepad will reveal the Parking, Tolls, and Notes space to enter this additional information.      

This shows the Notes icon circled on the front of a drive card     This shows the area to input Notes as well as money spents on parking and tolls

Notes: If you classify a drive but forgot to add additional details, notes, parking, or toll information - you can undo the classification by tapping the undo button The undo icon will appear after you perform an action on a drive card in the lower right corner.

Also, the screenshots above are using the Name your Locations feature to easily recognize their 'home' location. For more information on this feature, please see here: How to: Name your Locations

Web Dashboard

Watch this video for a quick tutorial on editing drives at the web dashboard or read on for further information.
From the web dashboard, click on a drive from the list directly to edit it. (Hint: To edit multiple drives, use the checkboxes to the left of each drive to highlight the drives you'd like to edit.)

This shows a drive selected on the web dashboard 
Once you've clicked on a drive (or group of drives), a drive card will appear on the right side of the dashboard. You can enter notes and comments in the box above the "Report" button. The drive card also reveals fields to enter additional information about your drive, including the ability to rename your arrival and destination with our Name your Locations feature. See here for more about How to: Name your Locations.

This shows the drive details pane for a selected drive to edit information captured in the drive

Additional Information

  • Changes will automatically save as soon as you click out of the active field.
  • You can undo your changes by re-editing the details of your drive in the drive card.
  • You can also add notes with voice dictation by tapping the microphone on the onscreen keyboard and then speaking. 
  • Any parking and tolls added to drives will appear in MileIQ reports that include those drives
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