How to set work hours

Here's how to set work hours to automatically classify your drives outside your work schedule as personal. In the mobile app, tap on (Menu) > Account Settings > Work Hours, and toggle the slider to the right to turn the feature on. Then set your work hours for the week (Monday through Friday) or tap "Add Shifts" to set a more complex schedule.

Automate your drive classification with MileIQ's Work Hours feature, now with Work Shifts for more complex schedules. Simply set the business hours that you normally keep, and only drives within those hours will be available in the app. All other drives will be automatically classified as personal leaving your other drives available for more in-depth classification.

You can always see all of your drives from the web dashboard and re-classify them if necessary.

Mobile App

To enable work hours in the mobile app, tap on ☰ (Menu) > Account Settings > Work Hours, and toggle the slider to the right to turn the feature on.

This screenshot shows Work Hours disabled with the option to enable this featureThis screenshot shows Work Hours enabled with the times for each day of the week to set

Slide the toggle to the right to enable Work Hours.

Once work hours have been enabled, you can set the start and end times by day. A Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm schedule is the default. To add Work Hours during the weekend, tap “Add Work Hours” next to the respective day and set the start and end times.

This screenshot shows setting the beginning time of a day with the option Next circled.This screenshot shows the end time of a day with the option Done circled to save your changed

Adjust the start time, tap "Next", adjust the end time, then tap "Done".

This screenshot shows the times set for Monday after the changes made

Your Work Hours will reflect your changes.

This screenshot shows the button Add Work Hours for Saturday and Sunday

Add weekend Work Hours by tapping “Add Work Hours”. Adjust the times as above.

Work Shifts: For more complex schedules, including hours spanning midnight and multiple shifts per day, tap “Add Shifts”. To add a shift, tap the “+” next to the day and add the start and end times for the next shift. To remove a shift, tap the “-” symbol.

This screenshot shows the Add Shifts circledThis screenshot shows the ability to add multiple shifts per day by taping the plus symbol next to the day of the week

 Add or remove shifts to mirror your working hours.



Days with shifts that span midnight will show "+1d" to indicate that the time frame crosses from one day into the next.

Web Dashboard

To enable work hours from the web dashboard, you'll first need to log in (same username and password as the app). Once logged in to your dashboard, click on Settings.


Then, click on the Auto-Classification tab to the left to expose the Work Hours section.

This image highlights the auto-classification button in the settings bar.

Slide the toggle switch to the right "Yes" position to activate the work hours feature and adjust the times as appropriate for your work schedule. Click the save button to update your work hours.

This image highlights the toggle for work hours in the auto-classification page.

If you have a more complex schedule that is not consistent from Mon-Fri, click on the "+I have a more complex schedule" and edit the times for the different days of the week.


Click the green "+" button to add work hours on any day, including the weekends.


After editing your work hours, click the "Save" button to set your work hours. Note: Clicking "-" to remove a shift does not require any save confirmation.


And that's all there is to it! You've successfully set your Work Hours. Safe driving!

Additional Information

Remember, only drives detected by MileIQ within the hours set here will be available in the app. All other drives will be automatically classified as personal.

The first time a drive is automatically classified, a dialog with information about the auto-classification will be populated. After tapping on the "x", you will have the option to show the notification again in the future. Choosing 'Yes' will show the notification again, and choosing 'No' will no longer show the notification.

This screenshot is showing a notification in the app for when a drive was automatically classified with work hoursThis screenshot shows that you've setup an auto-classification rule for this specific drive

You can always see all of your drives from the web dashboard ( and re-classify them if necessary. If you'd like to change your in-app notification settings around auto-classified drives, all you need to do is disable and re-enable work hours.

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