MileIQ for Teams: Concur Integration

You can easily enable, edit or disable integration with Concur for your drivers from the Team Admin Dashboard.


Enabling Concur Integration

First, sign into the Dashboard and click on Settings on the left, then at the bottom of the page, you'll see the option to 'Enable Concur Integration' Click that  button to begin the process.




You'll be prompted for your Concur credentials. If you need assistance in locating the required information, click this link for a guide on where to find it:




A confirmation window will appear verifying that the connection has been established. As the pop-up states, your Drivers will need to follow the steps here to activate the connection for their account. 




You'll be taken back to your Settings page and at the bottom a verification window will appear.





Editing Concur Integration

In some situations, you may need to update your organization's Concur credentials. You can do this by editing your integration to provide the new information.


Start by logging into the Teams Admin dashboard and going to Settings. From here click on 'Edit' under Concur Integrations




Fill out the updated information and continue.




In the event that any details you entered were incorrect, you'll see the following message. Please update the fields with the corrected information before proceeding.





Once the edits are completed, the integration will be re-established and you'll see a confirmation at the bottom of the screen.





Disabling Concur Integration

In the event that you need to disable your integration for your organization, login to your Admin Dashboard and click Settings on the left. Click on 'Remove' under Concur Integration.




A confirmation window will appear. Click on 'Remove' to continue.




You'll be taken back to your Settings page and at the bottom a verification window will appear.




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