Concur Integration: How to find your Concur credentials (Admin)

In order to link your organization's Concur account to MileIQ, you'll need a feature from Concur called Client Web Services (CWS) which authorizes third-party partners, like MileIQ, to work with your Concur account.

There are two ways you can get the credentials you need for MileIQ:(1)

  1. You can request these credentials by contacting your Concur account manager, or
  2. You can generate them from your Concur administrative dashboard (which requires some more technical expertise)

Concur can provide you with detailed instructions upon request


When generating the credentials, you’ll be asked for the permissions that MileIQ will require. You'll need to provide the following:

(1) Allowed Grants: refresh_token | client credentials | password

(2) Allowed Scopes: | | | | EXPRPT | CONFIG | |


The resulting CWS information will need to enter into MileIQ:

Client ID
Secret ID
Refresh Token
Authorization URL


Once that has been entered/validated, any driver on your Team will be able to enable Concur Integration and submit drives from the MileIQ dashboard directly to their Concur account.


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