How to: Redeem a Promo Code

IMPORTANTPromo codes are currently only redeemable from the MileIQ website. To redeem a promo code, you must sign into the web dashboard, tap 'Get unlimited drives, input your promo code along with your credit card details, then tap 'Complete Purchase'. Unfortunately, promo codes cannot be entered in the mobile app, and as such, cannot be applied, or the difference refunded, later - we apologize for any inconvenience.

Upgrading with a Promo Code

To take advantage of a MileIQ promo code:

  1. Log into your account at (use the same email & password as the app) from a desktop or notebook computer.

  2. Click the green "Get unlimited drives" button at the top of screen.
    Screenshot shows Get Unlimited Drives circled at the top
  3. Choose a plan and enter the promo code in the field denoted below with the red rectangle. Click on "Check code" to confirm eligibility. Note: promo codes are case sensitive.
    Screenshot shows the promo code field circled to input your promo code
  4. Enter payment info, click on "Complete Purchase", and you'll be instantly subscribed to MileIQ Unlimited!

Additional Information

iTunes or Google Play Subscribers: 

  • App developers like MileIQ currently have no ability to change, cancel, pause, or refund subscriptions initiated through the iTunes or Google Play store on behalf of customers. Very sorry for any inconvenience, but Apple and Google have structured their payment processing this way to centralize their customers' ability to manage all their subscriptions in one place.
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