Installing MileIQ and Account Signup

Whether you download MileIQ from the App Store or Google Play, the account signup steps are the same. Simply add your email address, create a password, verify your email, and start logging drives. You can even sign up for MileIQ from our website before downloading the app and add drives you've already taken.

For a quick tutorial on downloading and signing up through our mobile app, watch the following video on how to get started. For more detailed instructions, read on below.

Account Signup from the MileIQ website

On, click "Sign Up" to get started.

This screenshot shows the sign up screen at the MileIQ website

Enter your email address and a password to create a free Microsoft account. If you already have a Microsoft Account, enter your email address and password to start using MileIQ. If you have a Microsoft Corporate Account, enter your email address and password associated with the corporate account to start using MileIQ. For more information on signing in with your work account, please see: How to: Sign in with your Microsoft Corporate Account

Screenshot showing the MileIQ Web Dashboard sign-in page, highlighting in red the 'Create Account' link

Screenshot showing the first part of the sign-up page on the MileIQ Web Dashboard, with a place to enter your email address


If your code has expired, go to or the MileIQ app, then sign in again and request a new verification email.

Afterwards, you will be able to access our powerful web dashboard. This will be the same account you use to sign in on the mobile app.

(Note: You'll still need to download the MileIQ app on your mobile device to start catching drives.)

Installation on iOS

Download the MileIQ app to your iOS device from the Apple App Store

App Store download button

Installation on Android

Download the MileIQ app to your Android device from the Google Play Store.


Account Signup from the Mobile App

1. If you do not have a Microsoft Account and haven't created one on the MileIQ website*, sign up as a new user with a valid email address.

Screen_Shot_2019-07-16_at_2.18.16_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-07-16_at_2.14.51_PM.png

*If you signed up on the website, enter your email to log in. You can use your Microsoft Account credentials to log into MileIQ. 

2. You will be prompted to verify your email. Look for the verification email in your inbox and enter the code in that email.


If your code has expired, go to or the MileIQ app, sign in again and request a new verification email

3. Open the MileIQ app to complete the new customer account setup

This image shows a congratulations screen to confirm your account is verified and you can move on to use MileIQThis image shows the permissions screen for allowing access to your location

Important: Please allow location services in the manner above. MileIQ's ability to detect drives depends on always having access to location services.

4. Congratulations! You're all set. The only thing left to do is: Go for a drive!

This image shows the screen prompting you to take a drive before any drive information is shown

As you drive, MileIQ will automatically detect your trips and download drive cards. Relax and watch your drives add up!

Your Microsoft Account can be used for other Microsoft products and services. For more information, please see: Microsoft Account

For more information on taking your first drive, please see here: Take your First Drive


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