How To: Administrator Access to Driver Reports

Viewing Driver Reports as a Teams Admin


Having trouble locating the reports submitted by your drivers through the Admin Portal? This article will walk you through the process of accessing and filtering the reports for your team


Note: This feature is only available to Teams and Teams Pro admins. If you see a prompt to upgrade, you’re on Teams Lite. You can access this article for instructions on how to upgrade <hyperlink the word article to the upgrade article (future)>


Firstly, sign into with your administrator credentials. Then, simply click on the Reports tab on the left




From here you’ll have full access to the reports your drivers have uploaded to your account. You can easily filter the reports using the 3 column options at the top. Submitted will filter by date range, Drivers by the driver submitting the report and Month of Drives will filter by the drives contained in the report.


Please Note: Month of Drives is for the Month that the drives contained in the report took place, not the Month the report was submitted.




Once you’ve filtered the reports, taking a look at the drives submitted is as simple as clicking on the desired report for the desired driver. If you need to sort the list to find what you’re looking for, clicking on the column head will change the sort by A-Z or chronologically oldest to newest. Clicking again will reverse the sort order.




Once a report has been selected, you’ll see a brief summary as well as the option to download the .PDF, .CSV or email it to another address. A confirmation window will appear at the bottom of the screen in Green.


Additionally, you can adjust the filters to meet your criteria at any point during the process, so navigating between multiple drivers, and reports, is quick and easy.


If you need to help one of your drivers with submitting their reports, please see this article!



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