MileIQ for Teams Plans: Lite vs. Teams vs. Pro

Well, firstly, thank you for your interest in MileIQ Teams! Here, we've laid out the distinct features our Teams product tiers have, to help you choose which is right for you.

MileIQ offers three options for you and your team to make the most of your mileage. Teams Lite, Teams, and Teams Pro.


Teams Lite


Did you get a new company card you want to switch to?  Did you recently double the number of drivers you need to reimburse? No problem! 

Our Teams Lite platform provides you with a centralized billing interface that allows you to easily change payment information and quickly adjust the number of seats needed for your team with just a couple of clicks.



Employees, while hopefully not often, can come and go.

With Teams Lite you can easily remove a driver from your organization and either transfer their seat to a new driver or reduce the number of seats needed for your team.

You have quick access to view all drivers in your roster as well as the option to make the administrator a driver if need be. Note: Teams Lite is limited to only one Admin.




The MileIQ Teams platform includes all features from Teams Lite but includes a reporting dashboard accessible by the admin only. Note: Teams is limited to only one Admin.



Frustrated with having to dig through your inbox for reports sent from your employees? Well, our report feature will help keep everything organized and at your fingertips.

Drivers added to a Teams roster will have the option to submit monthly or annual reports from within the mobile app on their device. They can also email a copy of the report to themselves for their own records.

Reports submitted through the app will appear in a sortable, and searchable, portal for the admin through the web dashboard. 



Teams Pro

Our MileIQ Teams Pro tier has all the features above but allows for multiple admins and allows for the adjustment of the mileage rate, team-wide.


Multiple Admins

Managing a large organization can be difficult and often requires a number of administrators to ensure everyone is taken care of.

MileIQ Teams Pro allows for more admins to help spread the workload. The creating administrator for the organization can assign other users as subordinate admins to view reports, adjust rates and invite users as needed.

Mileage Rate

Providing a custom reimbursement rate to your employees? You can set the rate for your whole organization through the Admin portal at any time.


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