How to: Adding the Administrator as a Driver

Note: This article is in reference to the new MileIQ Teams platform and does not apply to the legacy AAD Admin Center.


Setting the Admin as a Driver

With MileIQ Teams, the Administrator has the option to add themselves as a driver or remain simply as the account admin.

To do so, simply login to the MileIQ Teams admin page using this link: 

You'll see the list of all users, both Drivers and Admins, that have already been added.  Locate the Administrator that you're wanting to add Driver functionality too and click the option button ( ⋮ ) on the right.


The following menu will appear allowing you to add the Driver option to your Administrator.


Choosing this option will take you directly to the checkout screen to add the additional seat required to be a driver.


For assistance on how to add/remove users, check out this article.

For frequently asked questions, be sure to read through our FAQ found here.


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