MileIQ for Teams: Adding/removing Drivers

Once setting up your organization with MileIQ Teams (view the article here), you can invite users to your team, additionally, you can remove any users you no longer need to include.

You can also watch a short video outlying these steps on our YouTube channel here!

Invite to your team

From the main Admin Dashboard, simply click the +Invite Users button to bring up the user invite window.


Type, or paste, up to 10 user email addresses at a time.  They must be separated by a comma ( , ) to invite multiple addresses at a time. Once you've added the email addresses, click Choose a Subscription to continue.


In order to add users to your team, you must select a subscription plan.  For MileIQ Teams Lite, you'll have the option for $5 per month or $50 per year for each user you add.  MileIQ Teams Premium options will be $10 per month or $100 per year for each user added. (Not yet available)


After selecting your plan, click Proceed to Checkout to be taken to the checkout screen.  Provide the details requested and, once payment is completed, your users will receive a welcome email to the selected email address. You can review the process your employees will need to follow here: How To: Accepting an invite to MileIQ Teams

Removing a user from your team

Removing a user from your team is very simple and there are many reasons you may need to perform this action.  It is important to note that if you remove a user, the subscription for that user will continue to the end of your next billing cycle.  A removed user can be replaced by a newly invited user utilizing the existing subscription.

To remove a user,  login to the Admin Dashboard here: 

Select Users in the left panel and click the Menu ( ) icon, then select remove user.


You'll be prompted with a confirmation window.  Click Remove to remove the user from your team.


You'll be automatically taken back to your Users screen with a confirmation of the user you have removed at the top.  Additionally, you'll see the option to add a new user to occupy the vacated subscription seat.



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