How to: Setting up an Organization with MileIQ Teams

Note: This article is in reference to the new MileIQ Teams platform and does not apply to the legacy AAD Admin Center.


What can I do with MileIQ Teams?

By joining the MileIQ Teams platform, you can consolidate all your employees deductible, or reimbursed, mileage in one place, quickly adjust the roster of employees and set the mileage rate for your company. Adding your business, and inviting your employees, to MileIQ has never been easier!

We have two options available to help streamline your operation and get your employee mileage consolidated and organized.


MileIQ Teams Lite

Our Teams Lite platform will be a simplified interface for you to quickly add/remove employees, manage your subscriptions or adjust the mileage rate for your employees.  Teams Lite will be offered at $5 per month or $50 per year for each employee added.


MileIQ Teams Pro

The Teams Pro platform will include all features of Teams Lite but will include other features such as centralized reporting.  As more features are added, they will be provided to Teams Pro accounts automatically.  Teams Pro will be offered at $10 per month or $100 per year for each employee added.


Setting up your Organization

You can follow these same instructions in a short video instead, on our YouTube channel here!

To get started, simply navigate to and sign in. 

  • Click on the Teams tab at the top to be taken to the teams interface. If this isn't visible to you, type after you've signed in.
  • Select the option to Start your Team
  • Fill out and submit all required information

You'll receive an email confirmation that your organization has been created in our system and you'll now see the ability to invite users. 



For instructions on how to add/remove users, please follow this article: How to: Add/Remove Users with MileIQ Teams

To preview the email your employees will receive, as well as the process they must follow, head over to this article: How to: Accepting an invite to MileIQ Teams


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