MileIQ for Teams Lite: FAQs

Firstly, thank you for your interest in MileIQ for Teams.  We want to help get you and your business set up with our mileage-tracking app, but we're sure you have some questions.  We've put together this list of our most common questions with the hope we can address any concerns you may have. 


What is the cost going to be once the full program is released?
Our Teams Lite program costs $5 per month/per user or $50 per year/per user.

Will there be an option for a monthly or annual plan?
Yes! We will have both monthly and annual subscription plans which you can adjust as needed. You cannot, however, select different options per user, the plan is team-wide.

Will adding/removing users affect the pricing? 
The cost of Teams Lite is handled on a per-user basis, adding and removing users will increase or decrease your overall costs in correlation with the number of users you have.  Note: The adjustment to costs will be changed only at the end of your current billing cycle.

Do I have to pay for each user individually?
No. You will be able to pay for all of the users on your team using a single method.

Admin Center

What options will be available to me, the administrator?
With Teams Lite, the group admin will be able to provision users and manage billing and subscriptions.

Will administrators have access to the drives of their users?
Teams Lite does not provide administrative access to user reports through the web dashboard. Reports will have to be emailed to the admin by the user.  

Does MileIQ Teams support FAVR(Fixed and Variable Rate allowance)?
We do not support FAVR, however, we work closely with a partner who can administer a FAVR program for you and your team utilizing the MileIQ app.

Which countries support MileIQ Teams and the MileIQ app?
MileIQ is limited to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.


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