How to setup MileIQ to track trips (iOS 14 or newer)

Configuring MileIQ to optimally track your trips on iOS 14+ can easily be done by following the steps below. 

After installing MileIQ you will be prompted with the following screen, once you’ve signed into the app. If you’ve already been using MileIQ and your phone just updated, click here to skip to step 3.

Step 1 

Simply tap on Set up location, then select Allow While Using App as shown below, (note: this is a temporary setting and will be changed shortly)

Step 2

You will be prompted to adjust location services.  Tap on Go to Settings to configure this, then skip to step 4 to continue.

Step 3

If you see the screen below, this means the Location Services on your device are not configured correctly.  Tap on Fix in Settings then proceed to the next step.



Step 4

You will be taken to the Location access menu for MileIQ.  Please ensure the option for Mobile Data and Background App Refresh are enabled.  Then click on Location where highlighted in the image.



Step 5

Important! A new setting in iOS 14 was added that MileIQ needs to optimally perform on your device.  First ensure that the option for Always is selected then make sure to turn on the new feature Precise Location.  Your settings screen for MileIQ should look like this:



That’s it!  Your MileIQ should now be configured to capture your drives.

If you’re still having issues or seeing the screen below, one of the settings may not be configured properly.



Simply tap on Fix in Settings and proceed to Step 4 by clicking here.

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