Help: Location permissions changed with Android update

If your device is updated to Android 11 (or newer), the Location Data permissions have been reset for MileIQ.

You will be prompted upon opening MileIQ that the application is requesting access to Location Data.  In order for MileIQ to track your trips accurately, we must have access to location information at all times.  To change this, please tap the Allow in settings option highlighted below.

        Prompt.jpg        Prompt2.jpg

You will then be taken to the location specific settings for MileIQ.  Select the option to Allow all the time in order for the application to continue functioning as expected.

        A11Settings.jpg        A11Settings2.jpg

An additional new setting with Android 11 (or newer) must be addressed to help prevent missed drives in the future.  From this page, tap on the option to See all MileIQ permissions to access these settings.


You will be taken to the following screen.  At the bottom of the page, ensure the slider for Remove permissions if app isn't used is disabled as shown.  This will allow the app to continue tracking trips, even if you don't open it regularly.

        MIQPremissions.jpg        MIQPremissions2.jpg

You've now successfully configured MileIQ to keep tracking your trips as normal!


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