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MileIQ enterprise users can now directly report to their organization from their mobile app!  These reports are accessible by Business Administrators via the MileIQ Admin Center.

Please note, this feature will accessible until March 31st 2022.

 Click here for Administrator instructions

Submitting Reports – User

Once a user has classified drives, added notes, tolls, parking or vehicles, they can upload those drive details directly to the Admin Center.  All reports uploaded in this manner will be added to a single report for that month.


First, simply tap the Report button in the upper left of the Unclassified Drive screen in the app

A screenshot of MileIQ with the report button highlighted

Then, select the month (or months) needed for submission. Note: Once the drives have been submitted, they cannot be removed.

 A screenshot with a month selected for reporting

You can select to send the report to yourself (Send to Me) as well as uploading for your administrator (Submit Report) for their review. Note: You can continue to add to your monthly report at any point after submission.

 A screenshot with the options to Submit Report highlighted



Accessing Submitted Reports – Admin

Business Administrators can access submitted reports for a specific user or all reports within a selected date range.

A screenshot of the MileIQ Admin Center displaying report filtering options


Selecting a specific user will provide more details about their uploaded reports.

A screenshot of the MileIQ Admin Center displaying a specific user's sumbitted reports


Clicking on a listed drive will display a drive card which will include any additional details the user may have provided, such as vehicle, reason, parking, tolls or notes.

A screenshot of the MileIQ Admin Center displaying details of a specific drive for a designated user


When you’re ready to generate a report, simply select the style of report you prefer (XLS or PDF) and click Download Report.

A screenshot of the MileIQ Admin Center with the Download Reports option highlighted


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