How to: Identify manually added drives on an organization account

If a MileIQ account is part of an organization, manually added drives are flagged within the drive list of the web dashboard and reports. This allows your organization to review the drives that were manually added within your reports. Your organization will only be able to see the flagged drives through the reports that you share with them. 

Web Dashboard

Drives that are manually added through the web dashboard or the mobile app have a flag symbol Screen_Shot_2019-05-16_at_12.11.45_PM.png next to them in the drive list on the web dashboard. To make changes to the drive or add in notes on why the drive was manually added, click into the drive. The notes are shown in the notes section within reports. For more information on how to add notes, please see: How to: Add Notes ManuallyAddedDash.png


Drives that are manually added are indicated with two asterisks (**) in the When* column of the PDF report. ManuallyAddedReport.png

Drives that are manually added have 'YES' under the MANUALLY ADDED column in the CSV report.


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Note: Not all users within an organization have this feature. This feature depends on your organization's setup with MileIQ. 

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