How to: Accept a "Join MileIQ" invitation from your organization

Companies with a Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, E1, E3 or E5 subscription, can invite their employees to use MileIQ. When you receive an email invitation from your organization to join MileIQ, you can accept or decline the invitation.

You have complete control of your drive information in MileIQ. Your organization will only see the drives you choose to report. Your mileage rate is set by your organization and cannot be changed by you.

Accept the Join Invitation

  1. Click the Get started with MileIQ button in your join MileIQ email invitation.
  2. Enter your work email address. This will be associated with your MileIQ account.
  3. Enter your work password when prompted. Depending on your organization's requirements, you may see additional authentication screens.
  4. Once your work email credentials are verified, click the Join button.
  5. You can proceed to download the MileIQ app on your mobile device or you can view the MileIQ web dashboard on your computer.
    • If you opened your "join MileIQ email invitation" from your mobile device, click Download MileIQ to install the MileIQ app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store
    • If you opened your "join MileIQ email invitation" from your computer, click Visit web dashboard to visit your MileIQ web dashboard. You can download MileIQ to your mobile device at a later time.
    • Once you have downloaded MileIQ on your mobile device and signed into your MileIQ account with your work email address, you are ready to take your first drive with MileIQ!

Tip: MileIQ email invitations cannot be forwarded to other email addresses than intended. If you received a MileIQ email invitation that has been forwarded to you, please contact your organization's Global or Business Administrator. 

Decline the Join Invitation

You can simply decline the join invitation by not clicking the Get started with MileIQ button in the join MileIQ email invitation. There is no time expiration on the invitation to join MileIQ as long as your Global Administrator or Business Administrator has not rescinded your invitation.

By not accepting the join MileIQ invitation, you miss out on the benefit of MileIQ with your organization's custom mileage rate.


  • If you received a join MileIQ invitation, but already have a MileIQ account under your work email address or a different one, please contact our MileIQ admin center support team at to assist you.
  • Your organization's Global Administrator or Business Administrator can remove your MileIQ account from your organization at any time. You can still use MileIQ on your own. Reimbursement rates may re-set to the standard IRS rates.  Your use of other Microsoft products and services should not be impacted.  
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