How to: Remove users from your organization for MileIQ

Note: This article is for the legacy Admin Center for AAD organizations and does not apply to the new MileIQ Teams platform.


When people leave your organization, you can remove them from the MileIQ admin center at Once removed, a person's MileIQ account is no longer associated with your organization. If you do not have access to the MileIQ admin center, contact your Global Administrator. You need to be assigned to the Business Administrator role to remove users.

Remove users

You can remove people from your organization by selecting their names from the admin center's list of users.

  1. Sign in to the MileIQ admin center with your corporate credentials. Select Users from the left panel.
  2. Look for the users you wish to remove. Select the checkbox next to the name. You can select more than one user on the page at a time.
  3. Click the Archive button.MileIQ admin center screen with two active users shown. Both users are selected with a red rectangle around the Archive button.
  4. A confirmation dialog appears. Click Archive to proceed with the removal of the selected user(s) from your organization.Archive confirmation dialog asking the admin to confirm or cancel the archive action.


  • You can select names and click Archive on each page in the MileIQ admin center. Once you go to another page of the admin center, your selections are cleared.
  • If you only wish to remove one user, you can do a quick remove by clicking on the three vertical dots on the right side next to the user's entry and selecting Archive. MileIQ admin center screen with one user selected to archive.



  • Any user that you've removed remains in the MileIQ admin center with an Archived status. You can re-invite any user who is archived by sending an invitation to join.
  • When you remove a user, an email is sent to the user.
    • The user can continue to use MileIQ, but has been removed from the organization.
    • Mileage rates going forward will be re-set to standard tax rates in the user's web dashboard.
    • There is no impact to the use of other Microsoft products or services.
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