How to: Invite users in your organization to join MileIQ

Note: This article is for the legacy Admin Center for AAD organizations and does not apply to the new MileIQ Teams platform.


In the MileIQ admin center at, you can invite people in your organization to join and use MileIQ with the reimbursement mileage rates you set. If you do not have access to the MileIQ admin center, contact your Global Administrator. You need to be assigned to the Business Administrator role to invite users.

The people you invite need to be part of your organization's directory through Azure Active Directory (AAD) set up by your Global Administrator.

Invite users by uploading a list of email addresses

The MileIQ admin center accepts a CSV (comma-separated values) file pre-filled with the email address of each person to invite to your organization for MileIQ. Use these steps when you have a pre-populated list of email addresses that you can save or export to a CSV format.

  1. Sign in to the MileIQ admin center with your corporate credentials. Select Users from the left panel.
  2. Select Bulk upload users.
  3. A dialog appears for you to download a sample of a CSV file to view the format. Bulk Upload dialog with download csv template highlighted with a red rectangle
  4. You can use a spreadsheet program to create a list of email addresses and then save or export it to the CSV format. The email address for each user must match the email address set up in the Azure Active Directory by your Global Administrator. Other information such as first name and last name will be automatically populated in the MileIQ admin center so you do not need to include in your CSV file.
  5. When you are ready, select the CSV file from your computer.
  6. The CSV file will be uploaded and validated for typos, format errors, and duplicate names. A status bar shows the progress. Upon completion, you can see how many users were uploaded and ready for the invite to be sent to them.
  7. Select Send Invite to send an email invite to these users to join MileIQ.

TIP:  Errors encountered during the upload process are displayed in a log for you to download and view. Review the error and make the correction in your CSV file and bulk upload again following the above steps.

Invite users one at a time 

You can send an invitation to any person in your organization by selecting his or her name from the directory. Use these steps when you need to invite a few people at a time.

  1. Sign in to the MileIQ admin center with your corporate credentials. Select Users from the left panel.
  2. Select Invite User.
  3. A dialog appears to enter the user's email address. You can type in a couple of letters of the email to find matches in your company directory.
  4. Select the user you wish to invite by clicking the + button. The user will appear in the add field.Invite User dialog with de typed in the field and showing two name matches
  5. Repeat these steps until all the users are listed. Edit field of the Invite User dialog showing two names entered.
  6. Select Invite to send an email invite to these users to join MileIQ.

Status of your invitation

The MileIQ admin center show the status of each invited person.

  1. Sign in to the MileIQ admin center with your corporate credentials.
  2. Use the filter feature to display based on status.MileIQ admin center main screen with the All Users filter drop down opened.
  • Invited - an invitation has been sent, but the user has not joined MileIQ.
  • Active - the user has accepted your invitation, created a MileIQ account, and joined your organization for MileIQ.
  • Archived - you've removed the user from your organization. You can invite the user again.


  • If there are already people in your organization who have been previously added as MileIQ users in the admin center, their names will appear in the list. When doing a bulk upload of users, MileIQ admin center will not re-invite them again if it sees their email address during the import.
  • There is no expiration on the invitation that users receive to join MileIQ.
  • Invitations cannot be forwarded from one user to another user. Only the intended recipient can join MileIQ with the link in your invitation.


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