How to: Enable MileIQ admin center access

How do I access the MileIQ admin center?

You can access the MileIQ admin center at once you have set an account with a Business Administrator role.  The Global Administrator is able to assign a new administrator role, Business Administrator, in the Azure Active Directory. Once you've designated a Business Administrator, they can manage the workflows in the MileIQ admin center. More than one Business Administrator can be assigned.

Assign a user to the Business Administrator role 

1. Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center with an account that's a global administrator for the directory.

2. Select Admin centers and then select Azure Active Directory.


3. On the Azure Active Directory admin center, select Enterprise applications

4. On the Enterprise applications blade, select All applications. Then, select Apply.


5. On the Enterprise applications - All applications blade, select Application Type - All Applications and search for MileIQ. Select MileIQ Admin Center.  Do not skip this step!


6. On the MileIQ Admin Center blade, select Users & Groups

7. On the MileIQ Admin Center - User & Group Assignment blade, select the Add user command. 


8. On the Add Assignment blade, select Users and groups

9. On the Users and groups blade, select a user from the list and then select the Select button at the bottom of the blade. Note: If you have an Azure Active Directory Premium plan, you can assign Groups also to the Business Administrator role. For other AAD plans, you must sign each user individually.

10. On the Add Assignment blade, MDLAdminCenterRole.Admin is selected and appears greyed out. Then, select the OK button at the bottom of the blade.

11. On the Add Assignment blade, select Assign button at the bottom of the blade. The assigned user or groups will now be able to enter the MileIQ admin center. 

Tip: You should not skip step 4 to choose All Applications. If you skip this step and search for MileIQ admin center instead, the application will not be found. 

Note: Global Administrators have access to the MileIQ admin center by adding themselves in the Business Administrator role. Global Administrators can manage MileIQ admin access by adding or removing Business Administrators at any time through the Azure Portal.

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