How to: Edit the custom rate for your organization

Note: This article is for the legacy Admin Center for AAD organizations and does not apply to the new MileIQ Teams platform.


Note: This feature is only available for US based organizations and users. For UK and Canada organizations, please do not adjust the mileage rate. 

In the MileIQ admin center at, you can set a custom mileage rate that applies to all users in your organization. If you do not have access to the MileIQ admin center, contact your Global Administrator. You need to be assigned to the Business Administrator role to set the rate.

Set the mileage rate

  1. Sign in to the MileIQ admin center with your corporate credentials. Select Settings from the left panel.
  2. Enter a mileage rate for your organization. This rate applies to all users you've added in the MileQ admin center. Click Save.Settings screen with the rate field outlined in a red rectangle and a value entered.


  • Users in your organization will not be able to change the mileage rate from their own MileIQ account's settings.
  • Changes you make to your organization's custom rate applies to all drives for the year. For example, if you make a change in 2021, the custom rate applies to your organization's drives for 2021. Drives made in past years will not be affected.
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