How to: Disable MileIQ through the Azure Portal

How do I disable MileIQ sign-ins? 

You can disable MileIQ through the Microsoft Azure portal so no users may sign in to it in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). 

1. Sign in to the Azure Portal as adminstrator.

This image shows the Microsoft Azure Portal.

2. Select Azure Active Directory on the left navbar and select Enterprise Applications.

This image shows the left navbar and highlights Enterprise Applications.

3. On the Enterprise applications pane, select All Applications. Under the Application Type dropdown, select All Applications.

This image shows the All Applications page on the portal.

4. In the search bar, search Microsoft.MileIQ.

This image highlights the search bar in the All Applications page.

5. Select Microsoft.MileIQ.

This image shows the All Applications page, highlighting Microsoft.MileIQ

6. On the Microsoft.MileIQ pane, select Properties.

This images shows the Properties page on the Microsoft.MileIQ page

7. On the Microsoft.MileIQ - Properties pane, select No for Enabled for users to sign-in?.

8. Select the Save command.

For more information, please see: Microsoft Docs - Disable user sign ins for an enterprise app in Azure Active Directory

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