How to: See Drive Routes

Note: This feature is only available for iPhone users.

How do I see the routes of my drives? 

You can see the route of your unclassified drive by tapping on the map within a drive card. It's a great way to get the context you need to classify your drives. Easily turn this feature on in the mobile app by tapping ☰ (Menu) > Drive Detection > Toggle Routes On

Need more detailed steps? 

To start seeing routes within the map of a drive card, you will need to enable the Routes feature. To turn this feature on, open the mobile app and tap ☰ (Menu)> Drive Detection > Toggle Routes On 

This image shows the settings button on the mobile appThis image shows the settings pane on the mobile app, highlighting Drive Detection.

This image shows the Drive detection page, highlighting the Routes toggle.

Once the Routes feature is toggled to green, the routes of your new unclassified drives will be available. Routes will only be shown in the drive card of an unclassified drive.

Note: The Routes feature uses GPS during transit. This may increase battery usage. You can turn off the Routes feature at any time by toggling the Routes feature off. 

How do I view my drive route? 

Once Routes is enabled, you can view your drive route by tapping on the map within the unclassified drive card.

This image shows the drive card, highlighting the map.This image shows the route of the drive on the map.

If the route is incorrect, tap Flag to report the drive. A pop up will allow you to select the reason as to why the drive was incorrect. Select the issue and the drive will be sent to our team for further investigation to improve our drive algorithms.

This image shows the route of the drive on the map, highlighting the flag button.This image shows the popup screen after selecting the flag button.

In some situations, you may be instructed to wait for the route to load. This shouldn't take more than a minute, but, if it does not appear, simply try to pinch zoom in/out forcing a refresh of the route screen.

If you have questions or need additional assistance with Routes, please complete the form at

Note: Routes will only be shown within the drive card of new and unclassified drives after the setting is turned on. 

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