How to: View and Edit All Drives on the Mobile App

Note: This feature is now available to all UK, CA and US users!

Can I view all my drives on the mobile app? 

You can now view all your drives on the mobile app, including previously classified drives. Simply tap on Settings ☰ (three parallel bars on the top left) > All Drives to see the full list of your business, personal, and unclassified drives. 

This shows All Drives circled within the menu of the mobile app

Viewing all drives on the mobile app

Once you're on the All Drives page, the current month's drives will be shown. To view a different month's drives, tap on the current month dropdown to see the All Months View. Tap on the desired month and tap View/Edit All Drives to see all drives within that month. 

This shows the month circled to take you to the All Months View to review a different month    This shows the option within the All Months View to view or edit all drives within a specific month

Within each month, you can filter drives by purpose (business, personal, or unclassified). 

This shows the business purpose selected to filter in drives that have been classified as business

Editing a drive on the mobile app

To re-classify a drive or add parking, tolls, or vehicles, simply select the desired drive(s) within the All Drives drive list. 

This shows the top drive in the list selected with the check box to the left of the drive's locations

Once a drive is selected, tap 'EDIT' on the bottom right.

This shows the edit button circled in the bottom right corner to edit the selected drive

The Drive Details page shows a drive card with the classification, notes, and vehicles. Tap 'SAVE' on the upper right corner to save your changes. 

This shows the drive card to edit any of location names, classification and notes

To bulk edit drives, tap on all the desired drives within the drive list. Tap 'EDIT' on the bottom right to view the Drive Details. 

This shows the unclassified purpose filter circled to filter in all drives from the month that haven't been classified yet

The Drive Details page shows the combined distance and business mileage. You can bulk classify, add notes, and add vehicles on this page. Tap 'Save' to save on the upper right corner your changes.

This shows the Drive Details page of the selected drives so the changes you make can be applied to selected drives

Additional Information

To delete classified drives, edit the locations, or edit the distance, please visit our Web Dashboard

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