How to: Activate your Office 365 Plan

MileIQ unlimited plan is now included with your company's Microsoft 365 Business or Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

Sign up for a new MileIQ account

Sign up for a new MileIQ account through our web dashboard or mobile app. After you enter your work email address and create your MileIQ account, your eligibility will be checked. If your company has a Microsoft 365 Business or Office 365 Business Premium subscription, you'll automatically have the MileIQ unlimited plan.

Already have a MileIQ account?

If you already have a MileIQ account, check your eligibility and activate your plan by going to

Click Sign in and enter your work email address. Select Next


After selecting Next, if you have an eligible Office 365 plan, you will be redirected to your organization's sign in page.


After signing in, you will see a confirmation screen. Your MileIQ account is now upgraded to an unlimited drives plan.

Note: If you already have a paid subscription, you will see a screen that shows your account is already on an unlimited plan. Please contact to check your eligibility and help convert your account to an unlimited plan.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email or call our phone support line at 1-844-747-4905 (U.S. Toll Free) during business hours from 6AM to 6PM PT, Monday - Friday.

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